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We introduce you on a personal level to your neighbors around the world. GenHearts provides regular updates to you on how your donation is being used to create hope, opportunity and joy in place of despair and poverty.  We aspire for each donor to experience the fulfillment and happiness of feeling a genuine connection with the individuals their gift has served.  

Our India project director welcomes visitors to come to India anytime.


(Indonesian for “thank you”)

Our Mission

Generous Hearts Helping Humanity  is a small, person to person organization which assists grassroots humanitarian efforts to improve the lives of people in the Puget Sound, USA, in Andhra Pradesh, India, and Jakarta, Indonesia.  We are 100% volunteer-run and avoid large administrative overhead costs.  Your donation, however modest, will go to a specific project which you select, and you will receive reports about how your gift has helped the recipient.


Yokob received a wheelchair through GenHearts contributors in October 2011.  He later had a stroke and could not even push himself around.  GenHearts  continues to assist him with a part-time caretaker, who is shown above pushing him around.  Yakob is very grateful for this help, his family must work many hours for their basic livelihood, so without the caretaker, he would be left in his bed all day.


Women in the village of Lanka  wearing new saris donated by Generous Hearts in August 2011.

Two single mothers in Lanka, India, holding their new chickens, received in February 2012 through GenHearts and Pastor Samson Sudheer.

February 2013 Project: 

Chickens for Widows and Children in South India

Text Box: 	Life is very hard in the rural village of Lanka, India, population about 200.  Most days the widows and many of the children face is only available during harvest season, and the villagers do not own the land they work on as subsistence farmers.  We distributed 39 chickens in January 2013 to ten widows and nine children, thanks to Advent season donations in collaboration with the United Church of University Place.  Pastor Sudheer will distribute another 15 chickens in February to more widows in the village.   The photo on the right above shows part of the journey, there is a chicken head coming out of the side of the Pepsi box, and an auto-riksha with driver standing behind.  The roads to Lanka are muddy and unpaved, each journey is an adventure!  Check out Samson’s youtube for video: HERE

Completed Project

Woolen blankets distributed in a tribal village located in the high mountains in January 2012 in collaboration with other NGOs and Christian ministers.

Pastor Samson Sudheer offers prayer healing for an infant with a high fever in the village of Lanka,

Andhra Pradesh, India.

Generous Hearts Helping Humanity


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